Welcome to the website of Circle O Livestock, LLC.  Circle O Livestock is a family run operation that believes in working with our animals and the environment to create a sustainable enterprise.  We love what we do and where we do it.  Due to the fact that we are a small operation, we have diversified to bring many different facets to improve and use our land to the best of our ability.  You will see from our site that we run meat goats,  working cow horses, cattle, heritage turkeys and duroc hogs.

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December is upon us and yet another year has gone by that I am amazed at  how time flies.  It has been a wonderful year with many ups and downs.  We are blessed to have a happy healthy family that is able to live this interesting life and be around these wonderful animals.

I last left off in the spring and that is when things really get hopping.  We kidded our commercial goat herd in April and May.  It was very rewarding with healthy kids everywhere.  Both of our gilts had and raised their first litters of piglets.  Farrowing outside is wonderful and you really get to enjoy the piglets as they can pretty much go where ever they choose.  This is also the time the grass really starts to grow and we get ready for irrigation season.

In July we started selling meat at the farmers market as Malheur River Meats, LLC.   We have been able to enjoy this healthy great tasting meat and we really wanted to share it with others.  We met with many different customers who are interested in their health and what the eat.  We did both the Nampa Farmer’s Market during the summer and the Capital City Winter Market in Boise this fall.  The markets will resume again in the spring.  We are currently working to have our products sold in stores, but it can be purchased by contacting us.

Last time I wrote, I talked about the grant we received from AWA and purchasing of purebred meat goats to produce our own bucklings.  It went wonderfully.  Not only did we fulfill our grant, we went over.  We are excited to be able to produce healthy animals to put into our program and others.  We just finished kidding out a bunch of black and white paint boar goats.  Mostly bucklings, so we will have them to sell come spring.