About Us

It has been almost 20 years from the time Rob and I met while attending college at the California State University, Chico.  Both of us were animal science majors and had jobs on the University Farm as herdsmen on various livestock units.  It was at this time that we discovered our shared interest in animals, the outdoors and having a ranch of our own one day.  I guess that is where it all began.  However, it has taken us a while to get to this point.  Shortly after college we were fortunate to begin working for Niman Ranch, a small natural meat company on the coast of California, as cattle operations managers. We were with Niman Ranch for over 14 years helping it grow into a nationally known brand.  During this time, hard work, many rewarding challenges, and various moves landed us in the high desert of southwest Idaho.  Along this journey we came to love this landscape, so we purchased a small ranch in 2002 that we now call home, obtained our first cow as a calf with two broken legs and our goats which have helped to improve the vegetation on our ranch.  So, when Niman Ranch was purchased by an investment organization, and with us having started a family, we decided it was time for us to operate our own livestock business fulltime.   This adventure began in 2007 when we moved to our ranching operation and became self employed raising cattle and goats.  In January of 2008, we took our cattle and goats for a road trip to perform a vegetation enhancement project on the ranch of our friends Bill and Nicolette Niman in the Point Reyes National Seashore Park in California.   After tasting the goat with several well known chefs, Bill partnered with us and helped us launch the goat meat business.  This is also the time when the Nimans along with ourselves, became involved in raising heritage turkeys.  As the vegetation enhancement project came to an end that summer and the goats and their kids were ready to move back home to Vale, Oregon, it was decided to continue marketing these goats as they had been well received by the restaurants and their customers.  So, with Bill’s help and the support of Preferred Meats as our distributor, we began supplying more goats to the Bay Area during the fall of 2008, and winter of 2009.  The great flavor, taste and quality of the goats have been raved about and we again will be offering our goats this season to customers who enjoy a good eating experience. We also are proud of the fact that our goats have been endorsed by the Animal Welfare Approved program.   This program is the only USDA approved third party certification program that supports and promotes family ranchers who raise their animals with the highest welfare standards.  We are also working to start up a company to market our meat products.  We are partnering with V Box Land and Livestock to produce high quality grassfed beef.  We will also be offering pork, as well as, turkey on a seasonal basis.