Livestock Guardians

Livestock guardians come in many shapes and sizes.  Many people will stand behind their guardians with the belief that they are the best.  It is probobly true that they are the best for the situation in which they work.  These animals are vital to the livelihood of many operations, ours included.  Some common examples of guardians are llamas, donkeys and dogs.  We intrust our herd to guardian dogs and we know that they are doing their jobs.  Just as with the working dogs, these animals cannot be forced to live in every type of weather with their herd.  They do it because of the years of instincts to protect their family no matter the cost.  These herds are their family and amazingly the animals they protect learn to watch and listen to their guardians.    Guard dogs can be taught to guard fowl, sheep, goats, cattle and more.

Working Dogs

These dogs are also known as cowdogs or sheepdogs.  They are the herding dogs that make our lives so much easier.  If you have a good dog, in many ways it is better then another person helping.  They work moving livestock because they love to.  It is bred in them.  They do it for themselves and to please their person.  You cannot make a dog work and you definitely cannot make a good or great dog unless the dog’s heart is in their job.

These dogs can be trained to herd fowl, sheep, goats, cattle and just about anything else you show them.  Different breeds work best in different situations.  It is best to research the breeds and know your situation before you invest in one of these great helpers.  It is also important to realize that even with the natural instincts these dogs possess, a good deal of time is required to fine tune their skills.