The Boer goat originated in South Africa in early 1900’s for meat production.  They were introduced to the United States in the early nineties and changed the meat goat industry.  They have become very popular based on their excellent carcass qualities, fast growth rates and the ability to adapt to hot dry climates.  They are the most widely raised meat goat today.  We also keep a small percentage of Spanish crossed in our herd due the the fact that they are know for being disease resistant, hearty and overall good mothers.

Our herd originated from four different herds coming from Montana, Idaho and Oregon.  We have been working with the University of Idaho, Caine Veterinary Teaching Center to develope a Johne’s, CL  and  CAE disease free herd.   Wayne Ayers, DVM, is an Assistant Professor at Caine and he is heading research in this area.

We also work with Dr. Ayers when it comes to controlling parasites within our goats.  Within the industry there is much discussion on the topic of parasite loads with goats.  We have fecal tests performed on our herd every two to three months to identify individual parasite loads  if any.  By doing this, we only worm when the tests come back showing it is necessary to worm and also we are able to use the wormer that is most effective at the time.  Our hopes in working so closely with our veterinarian is to create a healthy herd without creating resistant parasites or  over using any medication.

We kid our goats one time a year in April.  It is one crazy month.

We market our kids beginning in the late fall through the early spring of the following year.  We market the majority of our goats through Preferred Meats in Oakland, CA.