Heritage Turkeys

We started with our first turkey poults in the spring of 2008.  A good friend of ours from California went to Kansas to pick up day old poults from GoodShephard Farms. They drove west  with 200 day old cherping poults in the back seat.  At eight months the 10 hens we purchased from that batch started laying and we were in business.  We have three different breeds; they are the Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red and Narragansett.   The Standard Bronze is a large bird weighing 16 to 25 lbs, the Bourbon Reds are handsome and weigh 14 to 23 lbs. as do the Narratgansett.  Our first year of incubating and hatching turkey poults was quite the experience.  We raise 100 hd. for the holidays and what a great tasting experience.  All of our birds have access to the outdoors where they are able to graze pastures of cereal grains, clover and show their natural behaviors. At night they come home to roost and they are supplemented with an all vegetarian supplement. We have used a couple different methods to cook our turkeys.  The first was deep frying and the second was in the oven inside a cooking bag.  Both ways have given us a moist, flavorful bird.  During the holidays, we have turkeys available both fresh or frozen.  We also request that people reserve their turkey ahead of time as they go fast during the holidays.   We also have a few late turkeys that we put in the freezer.  This frozen turkey is available as long as the supplies last.  Heritage turkeys are healthy and a great alternative for dinner.  For this reason, we suggest that turkey be eaten a few times throughout the year and not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas.