Ms Debbies Gal is a red roan mare that we purchased in 1994 for me (Michelle).  I learned to rope on her and we have logged many hours together.   She is gentle and kind if not a bit selfish.  Due to a past injury she has become lame and can no longer take hard work.  However, she will remain with us and become a horse for our kids.  Poor girl!  She is by Leo Hancock Hayes and Saucy Sport.

Colenas Sasha is a sorrel purchased from Chris and Faye Gansberg.  She is Rob’s horse without a question.  When we originally stopped in to see her, she stood at the end of her lead right next to Rob the whole time.  She is a hard worker and a bit impatient.  She has to be in front and will outwalk most horses.  Rob can get anything done on her.  She is by Forever Colonel and Cals Sensation.  We have had one foal by her and Gunna Smoke.  He is beautiful just like his mom and currently living in CA.

Colenas Red Lady is a sorrel also purchased from Chris and Faye Gansberg.  She is my horse and can do just about anything.  She loves to work cattle and that is about the only time she really comes alive.  She is by Forever Colonel and Docs Muddy Lady.  We have had two colts by her and Chromesmal.  Her 2007 colt is pictured as a yearling in the center picture above.  Her 2009 colt is for sale on the sale page.

Miss Charge Bar Star is a bay by A Driftin Star and Charges Candy Bar.  She loves to work and does not like to be outdone by the cattle she is working.  She is twelve and is still full of drive.  When you ride her you need to be ready to move.  We purchased her in 2002 from the Ranchers Horse Sale.  She is the mother of the three year old gelding for sale on the sale page.

Bar Drift Bar 127 is a brown mare out of Lahekin O Brien 045 and Real Peppy Rose.  She was purchased from the Ranchers Horse Sale in Juntura, OR.  We have ridden many of these horses and have been very happy with them.  They are all around ranch horses that know how to work.  “Cat” is willing to go anywhere and she has all the heart a horse would ever need.

Spurlita Red is a gray mare and she is beautiful.  She is by Colonel Blackrock and Marthalita.  We were able to obtain her from Spur Brand Ranch Horses as a three year old and wow.  She is my horse and we are close.

If you cannot tell, our herd base is all mares.  It is what we like to ride.  They are all AQHA and we feel they possess the heart we are looking for in a working partner.  We have bred our mare in hopes of keeping a filly, however we are 0 and 6, being heavy on the stud colts.  At least we have the knowledge to know that in a world with many horses, we are striving to produce  top quality animals with the brains needed to do a wonderful job.   Every person we have sold our stud colts or geldings to has been happy, so maybe we will try again for that filly.