Livestock Guardians

Jacob. He was our first guard dog.  We purchased him as a puppy before the goats arrived.  He is moody, tempermental and dislikes pretty much everything.  However, he does his job without complaint and is wonderful with our children.  He is an Akbash / Maremma cross.
Bear. She is an older dog that we purchased with her sister.  Her sister is no longer with us, but Bear remains and is a predatorial guard dog.  That is how I refer to the dogs that hunt the outside of the herd for any predators.  She is an Akbash / Maremma / Great Pyrenees cross.
Sophie.She is our main guardian guard dog.  She never leaves the herd unless she has a litter of pups.  She is small for an Anatolian and very hard to spot in the herd.  We can catch her, but she much prefers her goats to people.
Pup. She is Sophie’s full sister from a different litter.  She is a little more willing to leave the herd.  This has caused her problems at times.  However, as she is getting older, she seems more content with her job.  Pup currently lives in eastern Idaho and works when she would like.  The remainder of the time she is a pet, by her choosing.  She was even featured this year on her people’s Christmas Card.
Muttly. We purchased Muttly as a teenager in training from a small goat dairy.  What a great dog.  He is the father to all of Sophie’s pups.  He is another guardian guard dog, never leaving his herd.  He is always on the move and his goats know to trust him.  He is an Anatolian Shepherd and great with our family.
Pedro. Pedro is out of Muttly and one of our working dogs.  We were a little worried about his abilities in the beginning, but not any more.  He runs with Sophie and like her, never leaves the herd.  They were the two dogs that were sent with the herd on a grazing project this fall.  He still does cause some confusion during the times of moving the goats as he is marked like the Border Collie.