Both of us were acquainted with the Duroc breed at an early age. Our first breeding projects in 4-H  were Duroc sows.  Throughout the years we have raised many of the other industry breeds of hogs, but as we started back into raising hogs we both thought that Duroc would be the breed of choice.  It just happened that a good friend of ours had a couple breeding gilts and they have found their way onto our ranch.  So today, we have two Duroc females and one boar that generates the high quality, free range pork that we raise.  All of our pigs are out on pasture or open fields.  We do not have to confine our pigs.  They farrow in English Hut type housing  and raise their litters in open space.  They are able to graze, root, exhibit their natural behaviors and we supplement with a vegetarian based feed so all of their nutritional needs are met.  We like the temperment and attitude of the Duroc and they make a great fit in our environment.  With the red hair and dark skin they don’t sunburn and with their hardiness they can handle the climate conditions in this part of the country.  They produce great piglets that grow well and have great tasting meat.  The raw meat is dark reddish pink with signs of marbling before cooking.  All pork turns white after cooking.  Our pork has great natural flavor and  juiciness after cooking.  We always have a great eating experience when we eat our pork  and so will you.  If you are interested in purchasing pork from us, we will begin selling again in June of 2010.  Just click on LINKS and then you will see Malheur River Meats.