Working Dogs

As we have come from predominantly a cattle background, we were a little worried how our dogs would work on goats.  We found that the goats are very capable of holding their own.

Cattie. The old matriarch was purchased as a three month old puppy in Folsom, CA in 1995.  She is half Border Collie and half Catahoula.  We knew we were taking a chance with this breeding, due to the fact we had heard they can be a little hard headed and rough on stock.   It did take a while for it to click with her(this means her desire to work started a bit slow).   However, once it did click the best dog we have ever seen emerged.  She worked with the grace of a Border Collie and the strength of a Catahoula.   When all other dogs would quit, she was still in there getting the job done.  She is now 14 years old, cannot hear, can only see movement and is retired(not by her choice).   She will live out the remainder of her time with us as a loved pet.  She has also produced almost all of our working dogs.
Uno. She was out of Cattie’s last litter and was an only pup.  The father is Tony and Brenda Richards’ Socks.  An only child and it shows.  Uno is strong and her desire to work is overwhelming.  She has a great deal of bite and go to her.  She can be used on both cattle and goats.  However, she does need direction from her handler.
Fletcher. Fletcher and her brother Elmo were the first two outside dogs that we had trained since college.  They came from a cattle ranch in Fort Klamath, OR.  Fletcher is small, fast and has a beautiful outrun.  When you ask her to go(herd in sight or not) she will trust you that there is a job to do and go.  She is loyal and dedicated, but works best with the goats.
Ruby. Ruby is our newest addition and is Rob’s working partner.  She is 7 months old and is a registered Kelpie.  She has been working with Fletcher and is doing great.  She shows signs of being very smart, watches and pays close attention.  We have high hopes for her as she is Cattie’s replacement.
Soap. She is a Queensland and our only non-working dog.  She acquired her named because of the great smell of the hand soap in the house(vanilla).  Soap is loyal and very hard headed.  Good match for our family.